Three apple trees on the property. Fingers crossed for a good crop this year.

I hereby officially petition that the first day of Spring should be floating, depending on where you live, and tied to the first apple blossom. It finally feels like spring is here, in the third week of May!

The wild lands near my house are starting to bloom, the plum flowers are almost done, the apple blossoms are just starting, and one of our 5 lilac bushes just started to bloom yesterday. Nights are still in the high 30’s/low 40’s, so the garden is growing S L O W L Y. But it IS growing.

All of the seeds, except for some basil and a second crop of edamame and green beans, are in the ground. I did not have a tiller, and was planting in an old alfalfa field that still had a lot of alfalfa in it, so this was a huge accomplishment. The drip irrigation system, which I ordered back in March, is also in, though I haven’t needed it, as we’re still getting rain every 3 or 4 days.

I’m currently battling a gopher, who has taking a liking to my onions and potatoes. I’m feeling a bit like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. So far, I’ve put out traps and spread a castor oil containing repellent. We’ll see who wins.


I love how Lupine leaves channel rain water to their center, leaving the plant looking like someone took a “BeDazzler” to it.


I’ve seen the fuzzy seed heads from Virgin’s Bower for years, but this was the first time I’ve noticed it blooming. This one is Columbia Virgin’s Bower. It’s a type of wild Clematis.


Wild strawberries cover the hillside across from our property. The berries are the best, most “strawberry” tasting treat you’ve ever eaten.


Oregon grape is a wonderful medicinal with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the berries can be turned into jam (if you are really really desperate for jam).


Mock orange, which is not related to citrus at all, has a wonderful smell when it blooms. It’s blooming all over right now.


Other than lilacs, this flowering quince is one of the few landscape plants on our property.


Maple flowers on walkway stepping stone. The bees loved this tree when it was in bloom. It was all about the pollen.


We have both Italian and wild plum trees.


I have about 2,000 sq ft under actual cultivation. The drip system is 15 mm t-tape with 8 inch emitters. I’ll try to take a picture from this vantage several times this season, to document the progress.

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