IMG_20140813_181224In my ideal world, everyone would know how to grow their own food and live sustainably, and I’d be out of business. That’s what this page is about.


How to raise ducks

How to raise rabbits.

Rabbits arrive on the farm
Rabbits 101

Raising Chickens from an Incubator

Raising Chickens for Fun and Profit

Raising Heritage Breed Turkeys

American Blackbelly Sheep

Sheep arrive on the farm
First Lamb Born On Farm
Why We Raise American Blackbelly

Bee Keeping

Food & Drink

How to smoke your own bacon or How to smoke your own bacon redox

How to harvest box elder sap and make your own maple syrup.

Syrup Pt. 1
Syrup Pt.2

Basics of Bread Baking


Making the Starter
Update with Recipe
Two Years On – Sourdough Recipes
Sourdough Biscuits

Brewing Fruit Wines

DIY Spice Mixes

Things you Never Thought to Put in Your Freezer

Best Apples for Drying

Drying tomatoes

Make your own vinegar

Nutrition and Diet Series

Calories and a balanced diet
Glycemic Index and Why it Matters
Food Fads and Learning to Listen to your Body
New Ideas about Nutrition and Diet
Nutrition Buzz Words, Finding the Real Meaning

Exercise Matters


DIY Dog Biscuits (bottom of page)

DIY Bird Suet

Natural Cleaning Products

Soap Making

Liquid Soapmaking – Where To Start

Essential Oil – A Safety Primer

Lotion Making


Testing Your Garden Soil for Texture (shake test)

DIY Organic Fertilizers

DIY Seed Starting/Potting Soil

When to Plant

Garden Planting by the Signs

Seed Saving

How to Save Tomato Seeds

Learning About Corn

Carrot Taste Off

Paste Tomato Taste Off

Farm Business

Selling at Farmers Markets

Pricing Your Product
Selling at Market – What You Need To Know

Admitting to Being a Closeted Prepper

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