We bought a new American Black Belly ram last Saturday. We also bought two additional ewes. So we now have 8 females and 1 male, and hope for lots of bouncing baby lambs around mid March next year. We’ve named the ram Pasco (after a local town – we’ve decided to name new sheep after streets and towns in our area).

Charlie, the Tom Turkey, quickly figured out there was another set of rather large testicles in the barn yard, and he wanted to make sure that Pasco knew who was in charge. My husband shot this video. Note how Pasco eventually puts the ewes between himself and Charlie. Wuss. I’m sure he was thinking, “man, that friggen turkey is crazy”.

And then Michael finally picked up Charlie, to give poor Pasco a break. He was distracted enough that he was pretty easy to catch.
We had two 30 degree nights, followed by a 27 degree night, so the garden is done done done (which, honestly, is OK by me). But I spent the day after the first frost picking all the winter squash still in the field, and all of the gourds I had grown, including a few bird house gourds and some luffa sponges that I will use in soap making. These small gourds were fun. I just grew them because I had the seed and space. Sold them for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar at market on Sunday, just to move them out. Oh, and some of the white ones are acting as a “this is where you are supposed to lay your eggs” visual for the duck pen. The ducks are ignoring them. Surprise!

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