We had a couple of families come out on Sunday to see babies. One of the teenage daughters said that there was so much cute her head was going to explode. I know just how she feels.

We’ve had four more lambs since the last time I posted. Hussey had a girl (our ONLY girl), Ariel, on Saturday. Snap had a BIG boy on Monday; we’re calling him Attila. And finally, sometime last night in the gentle rain, Cocoa, our favorite sheep, had twins – both boys – who we haven’t named yet. Still two pregnant ewes to go, one likely with twins. Fingers crossed for some estrogen. I’m starting to feel outnumbered!

So, just in case your head hasn’t exploded from cuteness today, here are some more baby lamb and goat pictures.


Hussey gave birth along the edge of the driveway, because we had moved everyone there so we could put an irrigation pipe through the sheep pasture. Everyone was fine. Ariel is the ONE girl out of 9 lambs.


Snap, with her new baby Attila, who is as big as lambs that are two weeks old. He’s big, he’s fuzzy, he has no black belly, he’s adorable.


Cocoa, taken yesterday, when she was literally waddling around the yard. We knew it was going to be soon.


And this morning, with these two cutie pies. Cocoa is friendly enough that I could get up close and examine them while feeding her a cookie. That’s part of why she is our favorite.


Close up of Cocoa’s babies. Interesting markings on the one on the left. We’ll have to work that into the name. Alfalfa?


These are Maggie’s twins, born on March 12th. The darker one is Ace, the lighter one is Atlas. Atlas has such a great clown face that I couldn’t resist posting another picture of him.


We got the foundation for the quonset hut in. And while Michael was working on moving some dirt, Fawn and the kids, Apple and Jack, snuck into the area to check it out. Fawn was given to me because she’s given birth twice, and is a terrible mother. But it turns out, she makes a pretty good Auntie.


Progress is being made. A woodpile has been discovered. What? You mean you didn’t put this here for us?


I’ve been telling this plum tree to “wait…wait…wait!” for at least a week, since it has been so cold at night. This was taken Saturday.


And it did! This was taken Tuesday, just as our nights stopped going below freezing. It’s no guarantee that we won’t get a late frost that wipes out the crop, but fingers crosses.


Last year I irrigated the whole garden using an existing pasture sprinkler system, with no access to an individual spigot so I could water in new seeds or spot water. THAT had to change. So we rented a trencher and put in new line. I’ll now have 8 spigots in the 120 square foot garden, and be able to drip irrigate the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and melons, which all do better without overhead irrigation. Hooray for progress, and my sweet husband, who looks good and mans the heavy equipment.

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