So, in the last few weeks, we’ve gone from an old, outdated, not EPA compliant and down right ugly wood stove to a new, modern, Washington State and EPA compliant gorgeous wood stove.

We ended up doing the install our self (long story) but it came off without a hitch (my husband ROCKS), and we are SO pleased with the end result. We tend to lean towards an Asian or rustic natural aesthetic, and decidedly not pastel and blond “country” colors, which is how the house was previously decorated.

FireplaceTileShelfThe surround is slate and stacked stone (thank you Home Depot). We have one small shelf (a piece of stained cedar) on the left and a great blue heron tile on the right. We purchased that heron tile in Santa Fe, probably close to 10 years ago, and have been carrying it around ever since. We weren’t quite sure where to put it. Because clearly, it was meant to go HERE.

The tile is by Norm Lewellen of Lewellen Studio, ironically, located in Bellingham Washington. It’s no longer available. But his other stuff is still gorgeous!

We still have to grout the small tile, but that can wait until spring, when we’re not using the stove every day.

Rossi approves. But then he approved of the old one as well. He just cares about being warm. He’ll stand here all day.
Malcolm’s main priority is, and always has been, lap availability. And sunshine. I’m with him on the sunshine. I love this picture, just because he is SO hard to photograph.

MalcolmSunshineWe’ve been staying toasty warm, despite the weather outside, which finally got over freezing today for the first time in more than a week. This picture is of our bedroom window a few days ago. Cool huh?
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