I love the space between Christmas and New Years. Time to organize. Time to relax. Time to assess the old year and plan for the new. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015.

May you see the beauty in the small things.
Moss on a tree
May you be more curious than afraid.
Foggy day Blackbelly sheep
May your lands rest and renew, and be productive in the new year.
Neighbors Field
May you always have the sound of running water nearby, with all that it brings to you, and all that it takes away.
Mill Creek Walla Walla
May you have snow to blanket the land in this time of rest and renewal, but in the distance.
Blue Mountains & Bennet Lake
May you have access to wild places, even in winter, and witness their subtle beauty.
Winter Grasses
May you always have faithful companions to keep you company in your adventures.
Wet Dog Tracks
May you be lucky enough to live in a land of great beauty.
Blue Mountains & Wheat Field

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