HawthornInFallWell, here it is December. Whew. What just happened?

I had my last farmers market October 28th. Phew. Always a huge milestone to finish up with that full 6 month stretch of every Friday/Saturday markets.


I STILL have kale in the garden, fenced off from the sheep.

I’ve been playing catch up with the rest of my life since then. Finishing up long overdue projects like processing the last of a case of apples that I’ve had stashed in an extra fridge for a month (and trying out the new to me stainless steel steam juicer that I picked up used a while back). Jaring up my first attempt at a fermented hot sauce. Canning a batch of dried beans in the pressure canner for quick meals this winter. Harvesting the last of the carrots, celeriac and leeks from the garden. Drying/smoking the last of the jalapenos, including some harvested from Frog Hollow Farm during their u-pick before the frost got them all. Tilling said carrot bed, planting the last of the garlic, mulching/fertilizing well and putting that bed, well, to bed, for the season. Letting the sheep into the growing area to do year end clean-up (many tomatoes were enjoyed!). Sorting out onions, carrots, dry beans, a few squash and potatoes for winter storage. Cleaning out the chicken coop with the help of a neighbor with a tractor, and having several large truck loads of fall leaves delivered. Bringing in all the tender potted plants to be overwintered in the house. You know, homesteading stuff.


Beautiful quince from my friend Becci

I also continued to make soap for wholesale orders and holiday shows. And jam for online orders and holiday shows (I’m now fully stocked on jams), including a final batch of quince jam, which takes a lot of time with all the washing, peeling, slicing and cooking and cooking and cooking, but it was a hit with customers and I’ve now sold all of both batches. And of course, vending at two holiday shows in November (one more at the Walla Walla Fairgrounds on December 9th). Plus Thanksgiving, of course (hello homemade pumpkin pie).


Altrusa Holdiay Market, Pendleton

Aaaand I may have binge watched a few things on TV (all caught up on Outlander, Walking Dead, This is Us and a few others). And I’ve discovered Japanese curry roux blocks, which is my new favorite thing!

I always enjoy fall. Reaping the harvest and snuggling down for the winter to come.


Testing out the best ratio for a new herbal tea, containing peppermint, spearmint, anise hyssop, lemon balm, catnip and stevia leaf.


There may have been some Charlie wrestling on sunny days



An interesting mushroom in the yard, on the stump of an old willow


Fall fell. Ginko tree lost all of its leaves in one day, after a frost.

I love how a frost transforms the world!
sycamorefrost AniseHyssopFrost
CalendulaFrost MapleLeaves
bayberryfrost rosehipfrost
CurrentFrost GooseberryFrost
SunflowerFrost OrchardLeafFrost


Peabody kitty bellies are still the best


Kirby gets in on the snuggles

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