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This is NOT all of them – but most of them are in here somewhere.

I have a lot of herbs and┬áspices. A lot. At one point, in an attempt to get all of the little bulk bags organized many years ago, I ordered glass jars from Penzeys┬áspice company, and made spread sheet labels for all of the jars. (That may seem a little extreme, but I’m a terrible speller, and this allowed me to spell check everything. Is Rosemary with one R or two? You get the idea.) I had 75 labels! I think when I was teaching myself to cook, buying a new herb or spice made me feel all grown up and sophisticated. I

Years ago, I was able to visit the island of Grenada, and see an actual nutmeg tree. This is what the spice looks like on the tree, before the hull breaks open to reveal the nut inside.

remember buying some mace for a recipe, and then having it sit in a cupboard for years until I realized it was related to nutmeg, and I could just substitute it in until I had used it up. I’ve never bought that one again. Read the rest of this entry »

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