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HotDogBunsSo back in August 2010, I wrote about my adventures in sourdough. Well, it’s now been two years (can you believe it!) and my starter is still going strong. I thought I’d give an update, and include a bunch of recipes. Read the rest of this entry »

What kind of muffins to make today? The actual muffin is a banana walnut made yesterday. This silicone muffin pan clearly gets a lot of use. The jar of salt (blue lid) is an old fresh salad dressing jar that I’ve had for so long that I think something bad will happen if it breaks. I’ve literally had it since before I got married in 1998. That has got to be some kind of record for recycling a jar!

My husband loves muffins. Pretty much any kind. Whenever I ask what he wants for breakfast, the answer is almost always muffins. I eat two or three. He finishes the rest throughout the day.

So I’m always on the lookout for a good muffin recipe. But for me, a good muffin recipe must be reasonably healthy. I define this as having no more than 1/4 cup fat and 1/2 cup sugar or less per dozen muffins. We’re not talking 400+ calorie a piece, bigger than your fist, covered with icing, coffee shop muffins here.  Read the rest of this entry »

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