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FrostFenceYou know, as you get older, how you occasionally catch yourself saying or doing something you heard or saw your parents do, and you have that sinking feeling?  That “I’m doing that thing that I swore I’d never do. I’m turning into my parents” moment? Well, I think with the purchase of our last refrigerator, I’ve officially careened off the edge of that cliff. Read the rest of this entry »

chaiteaAs I’ve probably mentioned on this blog before, I’m a tea drinker. Black tea, brewed strong, with a bit of sugar and a splash of half and half (and no, whole milk isn’t the same, and if you offer me that non-dairy creamer drivel, I’ll abstain all together). My first cup of tea was served to me by my maternal Grandmother when I was about 4, in a fragile china cup, with a lot of cream and sugar. I felt all grown up and special, and I’ve loved tea ever since. Half of my heritage is English, so I think part of it is simply in my genetics. I have never learned to like coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

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