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The gangs all here

From left to right, Butters, Kirby and Malcolm, in a moment of harmony.

Last week, our cat Malcolm didn’t show up to come in for breakfast. He had been a bit whiny for the last few days. I couldn’t remember when I had last seen him the day before (the cats have a cat door so they can let themselves out – but not back in, after one too many live mice in the house incidents). I called for him and searched the yard, but almost immediately suspected he was gone. He’s spent most of his time in the past almost 7 years either eating, sleeping near me or sitting in my lap. He was always the first one to came in for breakfast, if he even went out at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Kirby Curious

Camera strap!

We had been looking for a new cat for a long time. We have two cats. Both rescues of a sort. You can read Malcolm’s coming home story from September 2010 here. We have no idea how old he is, but he’s probably older than Butters. Read the rest of this entry »


A tomato/cucumber salad on the side is a nice accompaniment

Back when I was a lot younger, and a lot poorer, I lived in Boulder Colorado. I was just¬†beginning to explore “natural” foods and products (Boulder is a great place for this; there were two natural food stores within waking distance to my house). While I wasn’t a vegetarian (and likely never will be) I did start to experiment with eating more vegetarian dishes. And not having a lot of cash, I used to go to the public library and read Vegetarian Times (VT) magazine when I was looking for ideas. If I saw a recipe I liked, I’d plunk down my dime and make a copy. Read the rest of this entry »

Salem, the first cat of our marriage.

We have a new kitty. We’ve named him Malcolm.

I attribute a lot of my “back to the land” ways to my father. He loved to cook and garden and had a deep curiosity about how things worked and a willingness to experiment. But my love of cats? That I definitely get from my Mother. She was a cat lover, and taught me to be, early on. We almost always had a cat growing up, despite seven moves before I was 12.

My husband and I have now owned 8 cats in the last 13 years, not counting the kittens we found good homes for after adopting not one but two female cats who turned out to be pregnant. Salem, a big black beauty, was our first. We adopted him from the humane society in Parker Arizona shortly after we got married. Salem had climbed into someone’s RV in California, and accidentally ended up in Arizona before being discovered.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Jennifer Kleffner

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