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DSC07612watermarkI’ve been making some version of this curry for a very long time. The original recipe came from the October 1995 issue of Vegetarian Times. It was the first place winner for reader submitted recipes that year. Times have changed. The original recipe called for steaming the sweet potatoes, only using 1 cup out of a can of coconut milk, but adding 3/4 cup of water, didn’t include onion, and had no added salt. Read the rest of this entry »


OK, this batch was made with dried cranberries, because I was out of raisins and the store is 40 minutes away round trip. Don’t tell anyone!

The winter of 5th grade, I was living in Coronado, California, a burg just south of San Diego that is 1/2 naval base. Having lived most of my life up to that point in rural Missouri and Idaho, the multiethnic, multilingual, cosmopolitan feel of Coronado was very new to me.

I was also on the cusp of puberty, and beginning to realize that the world did not totally revolve around me and my immediate needs and wants. If I paid attention, there was some really interesting stuff going on around me. And still being a kid, I could often observe the world quietly without anyone taking notice of me. Read the rest of this entry »

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